Lounge Sets.

Set N0. 1 .   Half Moon
Three Round Sofas, Two LED light round side tables.
Seats 6 to 8 Guests.
Set No. 1 Snake Shape
Three Half moon Sofas, Two LED Light Tables
Set No. 2  Loves Lounge
Two loves sofas, 4 Individual Ottomans one double LED Light table. Seats 8 Guests.
Set No.3 Chaise Lounge
Two chaise long sofas 4 individual ottomans, one double LED Light table.
Seats 8 Guests
Set No.4  Deck View
One Deck sofa, One View Bench, 4 Individual Ottomans, one double LED Light table. Seats. 8 Guests
Set No.5  Full moon
Four curved Individual Ottomans, One Round LED Light Table.
Seats 4 Guests
Set No. 6  Square Ottoman
4 square ottomans Seats 9- 12 .
Set No. 6C Ottoman Led Cube.
Four Square Ottomans One Led Multicolor Remote control Battery operated Cube/ Seats 12 Guests
Set No. 7  "S" shape Bench
Two Curved Benches, Two LED light Round Tables. Seats 6 to 8 Guests
Set No. 10 comfortable Serpentine s
Includes Three Half Moon Sofa, Two round LED Light Table, Three Ind. Ottomans, Three Curved Ottomans, one Curved Led Light Table. Seats 12 Guests
Set No. 11  Large Serpentine
Three half moon sofas, 6 Ind. Ottomans, 3 curved Ottomans, One Omega LED Light Table, One Round LED light table.
Seats 16 Guests
Set No. 13 Elit Moon.
Three Curved bench, one round ottoman, three omega tables
Set No. 15 Three Triple Bench_b
Set No. 16 Glowing Bench_b
Four LED Bench, One square ottoman
Set No. 17 Two Triple Bench_b
Set No. 19. Long Loves Bench
Two Long Loves Sofas , Two Long Benches, One Triple Led Light Table
Seats 12 Guests
Set No. 20 Arm Sofas.jpg
Two Long Arm Sofas, Two Individual Arm Chairs, one Double Led light table
Seats 8 Guests
Set No. 21  Scuare Ottoman L Bench
Four Long Benches, one Large Square Ottoman, Seats 20 Guests
Set No. 22 Led Bench and Ottoman.
Two Led Light Benches, four individual Ottomans, one Double Led light Table.
Seats 8 Guests
Set No. 23 Black & White Loves Bench_b
Two triple loves sofas, two triple bench black cover, one triple LED Table.
Set No. 24 Black & White Loves Chair_b
Two Triple Arm Sofas, Two black arm sofas, one triple LED Coffee table
Set No.26 Loves Sofa Glowing Bench
Two Loves Sofas, two LED Bench, one double LED Table
Set No.9 Full Circle
Three curved bench long leg
Set N0. 8 Love Island
Three Long leg curved bench, one round tufted back rest
Set No. 12 Square Island
Four triple Benches, one square back rest, Seats 12 Guests
Set n0. 14 Tuffted Booth
One double tufted booth, two individual tufted booth, three individual ottomans, one double LED table
Set No. 25 Vintage Chase Long
One tall back sheslom, two square ottoman, one louis xv table, two individual ottomans
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All White Furniture Rental

White Furniture rental – With the all white collection you can achieve an elegant lounge atmosphere. Lounge4Events offer a wide variety of leather lounge furniture ranging from small one person pieces to larger sofas, we also offer white leather LED lighted tables to create a beautiful lounge space in your next event.

With the All white Collection you can create a modern and chic comfortable ambiance for your guests. We rent white comfortable love sofas, white arm chair, white ottomans and benches to create the  modern and elegant lounge furniture rental , sweet sixteen rental , Quinceanera rental and wedding rental in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas and surrounding areas.

Our colorful decorative pillows go beautifully with our furniture and definitely give more life and glamour to your event.

From birthday parties to cooperate events, we offer exclusive, luxury and modern furniture party rentals and decorative accessories that will transform your all white event and all white party into an unforgettable elegant and modern event.

Feel free to contact Lounge4Events for the All White Collection. We will make sure to give personalized suggestions for your event, along with the best prices for that special occasion.

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