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Designed to create a lounge atmosphere blending with any accent furniture. Combine the package with Up light, Wall wash lights  and LED Light Elements to give the final touch. 

Exclusive Lounge Packages.

PK001. Starter Package.

Seats 12 Guests ​Includes  12 curved Tabu,  

 3 LED Light Tables.

PK002. Silver Package

Seats 26 Guests  Includes  4 Sofas  8 Tabu Seats 8 curved Tabus,        4 LED Light Tables  

PK003. Gold Package.

Seats 32 Guests ​Includes 6 Sofas  12 Tabu Seats,  8 Curved Tabus, 5 LED Light Tables.

PK004. Platinum Package

Seats 48 Guests  Includes   8 Sofas 16 Tabu Seats, 12 curved Tabus  and 7 LED Light Tables.

PK005. All Round Package.  

Seats 24 Guests Includes 3 Half Moon Sofa,  1 Side LED Table, 5 round LED Light Tables, 3 single ottoman seats , 3 Curved Tabus, 3 full moon sets.

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